Top Online Masters Degrees for Social Work

The ratings of the best online social work degree programs are based on factors that include school reputation, student satisfaction, instructional quality, and affordability.

  • A master’s degree in social work prepares an individual for a career in a chosen specialty.
  • The degrees may move people into supervisory positions, or even better qualify one with vast experience in the sector for directory or executive level employment.

Regardless of the level achieved in social work training, all the states have different certification, licensing, and registration requirements in order to practice in this field.

Many people choose to pursue online social work degree programs because they are very flexible yet affordable. Even with the many options available, only a good number of sites offer the best online social work degree programs.

University Of South California

The University Of South California’s School Of Social Work ranks at the top nationally. It is not only the most highly regarded social work school in the country, but also the first elite universities to offer a master’s program is social work.

The online master program offered by this university has the academic rigor of the on-campus program, with the only difference being the mode of delivery. The same strict admission standards, graduation requirements, and course work are the same as the ones offered on-campus.

The degree is also highly flexible and gives students the opportunity to complete it virtually from anywhere in the world. This highly interactive degree program enables students to apply what they have learnt in class to real life situations. If offers them a chance to work with real-life clients within the society. Financial aid is also available for all applicants irrespective of their geographical location.

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University is a small catholic institution that offers quality liberal arts courses. The online social work master’s degree program offered by this university also matches up to the same standards. It features a standard full-time degree program that takes two years to complete.

The university also offers a one-year advanced course to students who have completed a bachelor’s degree course in the same field, within the previous five years. This university offers financial aid to its applicants, although regional limitations apply to this program.

Northeastern University

The Northeastern University offers its social work masters students with a highly flexible and interactive program. The program features a core curriculum as well as electives. The students can choose organizational communication, leadership, or global studies program.

Work-based applications and a capstone service project are also featured in the online program. Part-time students would complete the program in three years while full-time students take only two years.

Florida State University

The Florida State University College of Social Work offers a highly flexible masters program that allows students to be online at their own convenience. The online master’s degree program does not entail campus visits. It features placement opportunities and takes about two years to complete. Non-residents benefit from a significant fee waiver.

Michigan State University

The three-year Michigan State University online program offers one week of face-to-face interaction every year. The online social work master’s degree program combines video conferencing, face-to-face programs and quality structured online instructions.

The online program has also received full accreditation by the Council of Social Work education. It features supervised field education units in the local community and offers financial aid without geographical restrictions.

Boston University

Boston University offers a part-time online masters program with clinical social work practice. It gives students the option of selecting between the traditional MSW track and the human service experience track.

The school’s faculty supervises the online program, and it takes about two years to complete. The masters program is very interactive with face-to-face provisions, which require students to be available at specific times.

Fordham University

Unlike most online degree programs, Fordham University offers short yearly visits to the main campus, for the students to meet with the faculty as well as other online students.

The social work masters degree program takes two years to complete, and comes with clinical concentration. Financial aid is available and although it incorporates geographical restrictions.

Texas State University

Although the Texas State University has a young school of social work, both its traditional and online masters’ degree programs have captured national attention.

The faculty members that deliver the online courses are specially trained to deliver interactive programs. This program incorporates students from all over the world, and offers financial aid without geographical restrictions.

University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota offers a part-time online degree program that takes two years to complete. Students can apply for this program irrespective of their geographical location, as long as they have a bachelor’s degree in social work. Live web classes are featured in the evenings and weekends, and students are required to visit the campus only once.

University of New England

University of New England is ranked among the best universities in the north, offering a wide range of both undergraduate and master’s degree programs. Campus visits are not required, and its online course features supervised fieldwork in students’ community.

The University’s school of social work offers both traditional and advanced standing tracks that are fully certified by the CSWE. The tuition feet for this masters degree program is reasonably modest, and applications have no geographical boundaries.