Space Heroes (and Villains)

The top 5 spaces heroes or villains of all time are, according to us, the following.

1. Darth Vader

The once heroic Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker, was ultimately seduced by the dark side. He turned into the evil overlord Darth Vader. The “person” was both a significant hero and the main villain of the iconic Star Wars movie series.

2. The Doctor

The Doctor is the central character in the British TV series that just keeps going. The Doctor travels in time and space with his companions, finding trouble and coming up with miraculous solutions care of a genius mind. The Doctor’s occasional need to regenerate has allowed for many actor changes.

3. Ellen Ripley

The ultimate survivor, Ellen Ripley is pitted in repeated battles with a physically superior Alien species. Emotionally resilient and a tough attitude enable her to overcome dismal survival odds in terrifying circumstances.

4. Terminator

The Terminator is a cybernetic military unit from the future with the ability to infiltrate contemporary society. It has expertise in all types of weapons and possesses extraordinary strength. It can perfectly copy human voices and mimic human behavior. The Terminator comes in many forms and has fought on both good and bad sides.

5. Predator

Predators are an alien hunter species. They have advanced technology and weapons for hunting any beings they deem worthy prey. Predators make macabre trophies of their victims. They are known to do sport hunting on Earth, seeing humans as easy prey.