Space Toys

The proliferation of Sci-Fi stories, TV shows and movies has spawned whole new ranges of toys for kids. As well as space hero dolls, there are lots of science-related toys. Here are some of the rockets and other space toys available today.

Rockets and Space Toys

  1. Inflatable Space Shuttle
  2. Space Exploration playset
  3. Rocket cardboard playhouse
  4. Science Museum Green Rocket
  5. Kidz Labs Light-Up Planetarium
  6. Geospace Jump Rocket Launcher with Rocket Set
  7. Deep Space Home Planetarium & Projector
  8. Space blanket
  9. A Space Adventure model kit Apollo, Shuttle, MIR
  10. Ariane 5 rocket (ESA)
  11. Science Museum Solar System Mobile Making Kit
  12. Science Museum Cosmic Rocket
  13. Science Museum Paper Plane Launcher
  14. Astronaut spacepack water blaster
  15. Geospace Pump Rocket Junior
  16. Retro Spaceship with pull-back action
  17. RC Illuminated Moon
  18. Create A Night Sky Projection Kit
  19. Mini Space shuttle and launcher
  20. Space Shuttle and Hubble telescope
  21. Space Shuttle Launcher
  22. Glow Zone Space Torch
  23. Glow planets and nova stars
  24. Kidz Labs Micro Rocket
  25. Zero-Gravity Fridge Rover
  26. Mini Space Invaders – retro handheld game

Where can I get these?

Visit for an extensive range of rockets and other space toys.